Do you think Bella is a Jacob girl or an Edward girl? Tell me what you think.

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "Twilight" it is evident from the beginning of the novel that Bella is very drawn to Edward.  She falls in love with Edward right away.  She is already invested in a relationship with Edward when she spends time with Jacob.  Her relationship with Jacob is more of a platonic relationship.  She cares deeply for Jacob but not in a romantic way.  He is more of a brother figure to her.  One indication of this is that Jacob is younger than Bella.  Edward is her ideal man.  She can't figure out what Edward's secret is, but she can't help the way she feels.  She is comfortable with Jacob but not physically attracted.

slhawkins1 | Student

Obviously, based on the reading, Edward is her choice.  I think the evidence is she is drawn to both, however as in many teenage romances, the one offering romance, mystery and excitemnts wins out.  But when one reads carefully, you see she trusts Jacob with not only her life, but her daughter's as well.  I think if she had learned of the changes occurring in Jacob's community first, we may have a completely different romance. 

totally-me | Student

Edward Girl or she wouldnt have chosen him in the end of eclipse

courttotheney | Student

I think that she is definitely an Edward girl! I do like Jacob, but the only reason she got so close to him was because Edward wasn't there. If Edward was there during the 2nd book, she would have been with him, and not with Jacob. I like the fact that he wasn't there though, only because it made you wonder which one she was going to be with in the end and it gave to book a little more suspicion. Not because in the end her decision hurt Jacob... I didn't really like that part but at leats Jacob found someone... as weird as his decision was..

zumba96 | Student

Bella is an Edward girl. From the start of the novel she thinks he's mysterious and interesting and she was definitely unstable mentally when Edward is not around.   

udonbutterfly | Student

Bella is definitely a Edward girl. The reason that cause her to get close to Jacob was Edward and she was about to kill herself just to get a glimpse of his face. She was a wreck and felt despair without Edward. When it came to not seeing Jacob anymore she really only felt guilt and a sense of duty to be Jacob's friend.

vbchic | Student

she is def edward girl, although i wish she were jacobs.  edward hurt her sooo bad.  jacob was there for her and helped her heal.  although edward was trying to help bella, i dislike him.  their relationship is very unhealthy.  bella breaking down the way she did in new moon shows you how unhealthy their relationship really is.

xxalannahxx | Student

In Twilight Bella Is Drawn To Edward. She Looks At Jacob As No More Than A Friend. She Is Definitely An Edward Girl. She Only Got Close To Jacob In New Moon Because Edward Wasn't There. I Know For Sure She Is An Edward Girl Because If She Wasn't An Edward Girl She Wouldn't Have Chosen Him At The End Of Eclipse. WhereAs Jacob Is In Love With Her She Thinks Of Him More As A Brother Rather Than A Boyfriend.

valerie31 | Student

edward o course,but i felt bad for jacob @ the end bcuz he was hurt so bad.