I was wondering if one of you know a website where I can download the Twilight e-books for free?

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There are no legal sites where you can download Twilight for free, as it is under copyright. However, there are many sites where you can read a copy for cheap. It is only $10 to download Twilight from one of the attached websites. You mentioned you were in another country, where are you located? I know that Twilight has been published in many, many countries and it is probably available in print version somewhere close by. I hope that this helps and that you are able to find a copy of the book to read! And don't forget to check out enotes discussions and studyguides on Twilight as you read. Welcome to enotes!

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I would just find a book or most likely kindle would have something in that department that you could find. I'm not sure if there are any places that you can actually buy it for free unless you maybe download piece by piece ones that could be free. I'm guessing your best choice is Kindle.

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Best thing for you would be to save up for the books and look around for cheapest prices choosing either hardback, paperback, and digital ( which I have to say Kindle is  the best in that department). I would recommend paperback if you are a hand on type of reader but the cheapest thus far would be the Kindle edition.

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It would be a copyright infringement for anyone to sell this e-book except from the publisher; who does sell it at Amazon Kindle for $9.99 each.  Now there is an e-book, the kindle which you can load on your pc so you can download these books at this much lower price rather than pay the full retail price.  You can learn more by going to http:/www.amazon.com and clicking on Kindle.  The software is free.

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thx for ur answer but, i can tell can i'm in country in which technology or such software are veryyyyy far, it needs 100 years to reach this level..anyway thx again

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Most public libraries now have "electronic" books that can be downloaded and checked out for a certain number of days. Each library uses different software, so ask your local library what you need to do to access this type of material. I use this resource all the time.

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