Here are three things that really made me like this book

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems that the question, if there is one, might be a bit unclear.  If you are searching for three things that can be taken away from Creech's work that could constitute enjoyment, I think that you can find those elements with some level of examination and study of the text.  Initially, I would look to the characters and examine how they change over the course of the novel.  How does Sal change over the course of the novel and what does it reflect about her?  Additionally, I would examine how Creech deals with issues such as abandonment, neglect, and identity formation.  Is the way in which she depicted these challenging truths valid and strong?  Does she present them in an honest and clear way or does she go for the happy ending?  I think analyzing this might also be effective.  Finally, I would pay attention to the overall "readability" of the work.  Is the novel readable?  Is it clear with language and style?  I think analyzing these three elements could help discover three things that you might find enjoyable about the book.