To what fairy tale character does Phyllisia compare Edith in The Friends, and why might Phyllisia prefer to think about Edith this way?

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Phyllisia compares her friend, Edith, to the fairy tale character, Cinderella. It is probably a fair comparison, since Edith's innate friendliness toward Phyllisia presents a side that differs from Edith's outward appearance. Like Cinderella, Edith is a plain, common girl who works hard to help her family. Like Cinderella, Edith is a good person who has dreams of bettering herself by escaping from the realities of her lower-class world. Edith is fascinated that Phyl's mother allows her to wear silk stocking and high heels, and the acquisition of stockings suddenly becomes a goal of Edith's--a bit of luxury that can help her forget her poor home life, much like Cinderella's glass slipper becomes a reminder of her short, magical evening. 

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