What is a summary of "Her First Ball" by Katherine Mansfield?  

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In "Her First Ball" a girl named Leila, who has never attended a ball because she lives in the country, attends her first ball with her cousins. Leila is so excited about the event that everything seems magical and lovely to her (even though she feels self-conscious), and her cousin Meg asks the attendees to be nice to Leila and to dance with her. Leila happily dances with several partners, who ask if she attended former balls. She is then partnered with a fat older man who senses that it is her first dance. He tells her that soon she will be sitting on the stage watching her daughter dance. Leila suddenly feels crestfallen as if this is, in her words, "the beginning of her last ball" rather than her first ball. After the dance is over, however, she is paired with a younger partner, and the glory of the moment comes back to her. As she dances, she forgets all about what the old man has told her, and she does not even recognize him when she bumps into him. Her youth and energy make her impervious to the feeling of what it is like to be old, and she is able to continue to live in the moment of her first ball. 

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“Her First Ball” by Katherine Mansfield is a short story that highlights the feelings and emotions of a young lady as she attends her first ball. Leila is in awe of everything about the dance she attends with her city cousins. From getting dressed in her finery to riding in the coach to dancing with different young men, Leila expresses her excitement with all of it. She is a bit nervous while she is getting dressed and wishes she was at home on the porch of her country home listening to the songs of the owls at nightfall. Those feelings are short lived as she enters the hall and her dance card fills up quickly. She glides along with a number of young men, enjoying each dance and her flowery surroundings. Unfortunately, an older man dances with her, spoiling her youthful revelry by telling how quickly time will pass and she will become a mature woman banished to watching the dancers. He breaks the magic of the moment for her and once again she wishes that she was home in the country. She pouts for a moment until she is whisked away to dance again. As she once again glides across the floor, she is pulled back into the magic of the moment.

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