Write a feminist critical analysis in the form of an argument about any of the women in Henrik Ibsen's a Doll's House.

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nora Helmer from Henrik Ibsen's Doll House is a female who is comfortable stepping out of the role of women at the time frame in which she lived. She takes matters into her own hands when she borrows money behind her husband's back. Of course, she does this out of sincere love for her husband Torvald.

Torvald is ill and needs to live in a warm climate for a year. Nora realizes that he will never borrow the money to go so she does what she has to do to save her husband.

While many women of that time would have not had the courage to do what Nora did, she is a strong-willed individual who is quite capable of living in man's world.

Although Nora is a strong-willed woman, there is one thing that she finds she cannot handle. After being Torvald's wife and her children's mother, she has lost her identity. In the world she lived in, she would have been content with the roles she had been given had not Torvald been so ungrateful for the deed she did to save his life.

Nora puts aside her true feelings for the man she loves and would have continued to do so had he not found out about the debt she incurred behind his back. When Torvald learns the truth, he treats Nora as his child by yelling at her and telling her to go to her room.

Nora realizes he is ungrateful for what she has done for him. She cannot love him any longer. She yearns to find her own identity and leaves Torvald to do so. Finally, Nora will become her own woman. She cannot live as the doll he has created her to be. She longs to have her own thoughts and feelings and just be able to voice her own opinion.

Nora leaves her husband at a time when women were totally dependent on men. This tells the reader how strong she really is. She will make it without Torvald, and she will finally be happy with the woman she was born to be.