Is Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises is his own version of The Waste Land?i want to compare both ov there work hemingways The sun also risers and T.S Eliot The Waste Land,there title,theme comparison.

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Many critics have made similar comparisons, and in large part they are based on the setting of the story.  Both T.S. Eliot and Hemmingway were deeply troubled by the events of the war, and the way that Europe was completely devestated, physically and emotionally after the war.  Hemmingway himself served on the Eastern Front in some of the ugliest and in many ways arguably the most pointless fighting of the war (in a war filled with it).

Because of this, both "The Wasteland" and The Sun Also Rises address themes of disillusionment, loss, inability to feel emotion or to find fulfillment in anything.  Because of these connections, again many critics have declared that Hemmingway's work is a "prose analog" to T.S. Eliot's.