Hemingway's fiction celebrates a specific type of manhood. What kind of man does A Farewell to Arms celebrate, and how does Hemingway achieve this effect? How does Hemingway's sparse style explore masculinity?

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A Farewell To Arms celebrates the archetypal Hemingway hero, one who is stoic in the face of adversity, independent to the point of rebellion, self-confident in carriage and demeanor, physically adept, and aggressive in temperament. The Hemingway masculinity celebrates strength, decisiveness, and honor. Henry possesses his own code of morals, regardless of what others may decide.

In Chapter 30, Henry is captured just as he and Piani are crossing the bridge across the Tagliamento. When he realizes that the Italians are executing officers they believe to have contributed to the Italian retreat, Henry makes an immediate decision to dive into the river. His resolve, decisiveness, courage, and fortitude saves his life. Henry manages to cross the Venetian plain despite the pain in his knee; to avoid the risk of hypothermia, he keeps moving, slapping his arms at periodic intervals 'to keep the circulation going.'

He manages to board a military train that evening. However, in trying to avoid the...

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