I need help with parts of speech: We left the house IMMEDIATELY.What part of Speech:What kind or use:Example: The boy's answer was SATISFACTORY.Part of Speech: adjectiveKind/Use: predicate...

I need help with parts of speech:

We left the house IMMEDIATELY.
What part of Speech:
What kind or use:

Example: The boy's answer was SATISFACTORY.
Part of Speech: adjective
Kind/Use: predicate adjective modifying the noun "answer"

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One question per posting may be answered, so I have chosen "immediately."  "Immediately" is an adverb.  One tip off is that words ending in "ly" are usually adverbs.  To distinguish an adjective from an adverb more generally, we must ask what the word is describing.  If a word is describing a noun or pronoun, it is going to be acting as an adjective in the sentence, for example:

He has an immediate need for oxygen. 

In that sentence, the word "need" is a noun, and the adjective "immediate" is describing the noun.

If a word is describing a verb, it is going to be an adverb.  In the case of your question, the word "immediately" is describing how people left.  The word "left" is a verb, so this means that "immediately" must be an adverb.  Here are some other examples:

We left the house quickly.

He ran rapidly.

She cooks skillfully. 

They will compete enthusiastically.