Help with a Newspaper Report on "Macbeth"How do I write a newspaper report on Macbeth

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sampiper22 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am assuming that you have been asked to write a report of the final scene of the play, although such a task could also easily be set for many other scenes such as MacBeth's being crowned King. Therefore the advice below is a little open so that it could be adapted.

This sort of task tests two skills: 1) your understanding of the play; and 2) your ability to control your own writing and adapt it for different styles and purposes, here being a newspaper.

As a newspaper there are certain features you will be expected to use: a catchy headline, possibly using alliteration or word play to generate humour if appropriate; an opening paragraph that sums of very briefly who did what to whom, where when and how; short (possibly one sentence) paragraphs; subheadings through the article; a picture (probably using internet image search engines as a source if you are using IT).

Your story should focus on the specific scene you have been asked to write about, trying to use exagerrated exciting description (what is called 'journalese' as a style of writing). make sure you mention key events such as who has died, how they died, who is now king.

I find that the strongest newspaper reports also include quotations from other characters as eye witness accounts and from 'authority figures' to give some sort of explanation. A degree of imagination and of invention would probably be acceptable in such a task.

Good luck with it.