Help with my choice!! Promethean, Airliner, or SmartboardTeachers in my district have just been told that our tech folks have gotten a grant to provide us all with one of the following three: ...

Help with my choice!! Promethean, Airliner, or Smartboard

Teachers in my district have just been told that our tech folks have gotten a grant to provide us all with one of the following three:  Promethean, Airliner, or Smartboard. We all have the projectors, so this technology would be in addition to the ability to project computer screen, internet, etc. 

I have no idea which of the three to choose.  I have done some preliminary research on these but haven't had the time to really look into it.  What I would like to be able to do is project documents without using transparencies...will any of these three help me do this?  Any feedback, as well as pros and cons for each or any of these would help.  Thanks!

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<<<< Suffering from Smartboard envy!  We got one given to our school (a private boarding school for dyslexic boys) and it went to the science teacher.  From what I hear, the Smartboard is really user friendly and I know both the teacher and kids are thrilled with it.

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I love Smartboards, I used one in my classroom and it was wonderful. It is so user-friendly that even the students were able to use it with supervision and I could use it to show video clips, internet sites, slideshows, or just use it as a whiteboard. My school had a Smartboard training session as well that was such a great experience and showed teachers how to achieve optimal use out of the Smartboard. If you have the opportunity, your school should hold training sessions for whichever technology you end up using. It really helps and teachers are more likely to use it if they know how.

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     I am so sorry to hear about your district!  How horrifying that a neighboring county isn't opening schools at is a sad state of affairs.

     Without the grant, we wouldn't be getting any new technology...I do feel truly blessed to have this opportunity. 

     Thank you to all who have given your two cents' worth...I still have until Sept 15 to make the decision.

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I have a SmartBoard and I love it. I haven't heard of the other products. Our schools have several SmartBoards, and if you choose to go that way, just make sure you get a big enough board. Mine is rather small, so it's hard to view more than 3 or 4 bullet points at a time (which, is probably good for kids anyway...) But even the kids are impressed with the SmartBoard and there are so many cool things you can do with it!

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So you just have to rub our noses in it, don't you!! My district is $3 million in the hole this year, and we can't even buy textbooks. One of the neighboring counties has decided not to open schools at all this year because they are $5 million below budget; they'll stay closed until they can somehow raise the funds.

Seriously, that's wonderful news. I'm glad that there are organizations willing to help schools. The only one of the three products I've heard of is the Smartboard, and everyone I know who has one just loves it.

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I have actually been using the Promethan Board in my classroom for the last 2.5 years. I have truly enjoyed using it with my students and they absolutely love it. The document camera is also an asset to myself and my students.

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I have used a SmartBoard in my middle school math class for the last 2 years.  It has truly revolutionized the way I teach and the level of interest in my students.  

I was also given an airliner to use with the board this year.  It gives you more freedom to move around the room or to hand it over to a student.  I don't have to be up front at the board all the time.  Both of these products are truly amazing.  

Our librarian just received a new gadget that works with the Smartboard.  It works like an overhead project but no need for transparencies.  You can put anything under it and it projects.  She needs to get it hooked up- can't wait to play with it.  Visit for more info on SmartBoards and great lessons to download.  I am the trainer for our building.  Would be glad to help.  =)

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I have had the pleasure of using both the Promethean and the Smartboard.  The promethean requires the use of a pen, while the Smartboard can use either a pen or your fingers!  I teach elementary school and I personally prefer the Smartboard because of the more hands-on approach.  Both have wonderful resources available and it is really just a matter of preference.   Congratulations on your district moving ahead with technology!