Help with a health project for the drug me with the following:   the chemicals used in Hashish some slang names for it the sources for it the addiction some physical , mental...

Help with a health project for the drug Hashish.

help me with the following:


the chemicals used in Hashish

some slang names for it

the sources for it

the addiction

some physical , mental effects

and methods of use for it.

versatilekamini | Student
Hashish is a strong form of cannabis.It consists of the THC rich resinous material of the cannabis plant,which is collected,dried,and then compressed into a variety of forms,such as balls,cakes or cookie like sheets.The Middle East,North Africa,and Pakistan are the main sources of hashish. Pieces of hashish are broken off,placed in pipes and smoked.Cannabis is a class of drugs that includes marijuana,hashish and hash oil.They all come from the plant Cannabis sativa. The effect sought in cannabis use is euphoria,a feeling of well being and elation.This is usually accompanied by a state of altered perception,particularly of distance and time.Hashish can impair balance,coordination,speech and thinking.Higher doses of Cannabis typical effects which include feelings of fear,anxiety,panic,and hallucinations .
mkcapen1 | Student

Hashish is made by compression resin glad in cannabis.  Only the flower clusters and top leaves are used in making hashish.  It is often sold in small chips or blocks, sticky and soft to the touch and varies in color from green, yellow, reddish brown and light to dark brown depending on the type of cannabis used to make the product.  Hashish becomes soft when heated and extracts a sticky substance during heating.  It is inhaled but can also be prepared in foods such as brownies, teas, or cakes.  It is most commonly smoked in pipes, bongs, or hookahs, a type of Turkish pipe. 

The primary ingredients of hashish come from cannabis.  The variety of cannabis used determines the potency of the product.  The product contains THC ((Tetrahydrocannabinol) resin.  Its origin is mainly Africa, the Middle East, and Afghanistan.

Users seek the state of euphoria and relaxation from the drug.  Short term side effects include impaired speech, slowed response, imbalance, blurred vision, sleepiness, and disruption of thinking process.  Some users experience paranoia and anxiety.  Episodes of psychosis are rare but have been known to occur.

Long term use of hashish can affect a person’s lungs and mental process.  Long term effects can include the following; bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer.  In addition it can affect a person’s memory, cause learning disabilities, and alter physical and sexual growth.   It speeds up the heart rate which can lead to a heart attack.  Use of Hashish can affect a person’s personality and therefore create relationship problems.  While addiction to hashish was once considered psychological in nature, recent studies have determined that users also develop physical dependence on the drug.

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