Help With Encountering Conflict for Crucible ProjectWrite a short arcticles for a magazine outlining some of the argument and idea in study of the Encountering conflict context.  

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You are a reporter given the exclusive rights to spend a week in the Parris household and are among the girls when they dance in the woods.  As a result of your taking notes on the event, you know the truth. Once the trials begin in earnest, do you come forward and testify or do you keep silent?  No one knows that you were with the girls.  Abigail did not tell, the other girls won't tell, you must decide whether to offer your support to Abigail or tell the truth. 

Because Abigail is such a strong personality, and you have become her friend while sharing her room and swapping stories about boyfriends, she has told you about an older man that she is in love with and secretly had an affair.  You don't know everyone in town, so you don't know it is John Proctor.  Abigail confides in you that she misses her parents and her Uncle is always worried about himself, his church and his job. 

You and Abigail become friends, you meet Mary Warren and get to know the other girls.  Abigail tells you things in confidence, off the record.  Your editor demands to know all the secret details, you have to decide whether to tell or keep Abigail's confidence.  You have an exclusive!!

Is Abigail Williams really that different from Britney Spears?

Good Luck!!!!!

Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I were you, I would have fun with it.  Pretend you are someone reporting for US or Seventeen.  You could pretend that you are getting an "exclusive" with Abigail or another girl who is going to give the rag her one-sided story (not to mention lies).

Or you could do a funny piece pretending to be from the "Economist" or something and say that all of the best workers are being hung (cooks, carpenters, etc) and how this is causing economic conflicts as there are too few people to do the jobs and short tempers  because things are not getting done. 

A Christian magazine could report on the moral conflict and its fall out.

Hope that helps. 



amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You could report from a teen boy's point of view...what is his "girlfriend" telling him after court is out of session each day?  What has he heard in the woods when the girls gather there to discuss how things are going?

You could take it from the Devil's point of view.  How is he involved, when did he become involved, is Abigail doing his bidding and why?


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