Help with an Essay about "Druids"I must write a 6 page research paper about the Druids in order to graduate. I am asking for someones help because whenever I ask my teacher for guidance, she looks...

Help with an Essay about "Druids"

I must write a 6 page research paper about the Druids in order to graduate. I am asking for someones help because whenever I ask my teacher for guidance, she looks me in the eyes and tells me to go back to my desk and do my work.

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are assigned to write a paper it must be YOUR paper, however I can assist you on a very interesting and controversial topic.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Celtic/Druid history is how their religious practices met face to face with Christianity.The Holy Roman Empire was responsible for spreading Christianity further west into modern day England, Ireland, and Scotland. Many of these people resisted the Christian influence as to preserve their own religious practices. One such practice of Celtic/Druid peoples was the festival of Mithra,which was held during the winter solstice. The Pope wanted converts and was willing to go to great lengths to acquire them. Research the festival of Mithra and how the church decided upon the date of Jesus' this topic will keep everyone awake!! 

Do the research.....think about what had to be happening among the people on both sides...then write a thesis statement...declare your purpose...and then execute your argument...finally prove your argument holds 'water'.

Good Luck!!!!!

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I agree with the previous posts. You need to narrow down this topic. I applaud you for coming to enotes for help. However I also suggest you may not be asking the teacher for help at the right time. Come to her before or after class and ask her politely when she can help you.
catherinemendoza | Student

first of all you need to research very well your subject. the druids, you need to know which society you are refering to, you could be talking about ancient celts, macculloch, celtic symbols, arbois, medicine man, druidism, wise one, old irish, taliesin, dictum, dair, druids were like priests in the Gauls' society, the elders and most knowledgeable persons in the tribe. There are no record from this time talking about what was taught to their students, probably how to fight and be a good citizen and also the art of medicine with plants.

start with the european mythology

read some reports from Julis Cesar: where did he find them

their westuary, the ceremony every year collecting the mistletoe, the sacrifices animals for the feast following the collection of the plant called mistletoe.

fill your presentation with the myth and reality of the druids and I am sure your presentation will not be boring.


renata57 | Student

Druids were not only Celtic priests; they were also judges, astronomers, mediators, and political advisers. There is evidence of female Druidesses. Some topics relating to the Druids that you may find interesting (and could eliminate the snooze factor) are listed below.
1. It took about 20 years of training to become a Druid. Druids were usually from noble families, and started training in boyhood.
2. Druidism probably originated in Britain. However, Druids held their annual meeting in Carnutes, in Gaul (France).
3. The Celts practiced ritual human sacrifice. Usually the sacrifice took place near water or in a forest.
4. The Celts believed in reincarnation
5. Many ancient Celtic tribes gave their names to modern places. For example, Paris was named after the Parisi tribe. Many other examples are available.
6. The question “ Did the Druids build Stonehenge?” remains unanswered. Some historians believe Druid priests were the architects of Stonehenge.
7. Neodruidism is the reconstructing of the ancient religion in today’s world.

aylett | Student

You need to start with Julius Caesar, if you read his account of the Druids (despite the fact that he made them out to be pretty nasty guys for military and politcal reasons) you will have some ‘first hand’ information. Note that the Druids had nothing at all to do with Stonehenge, if you want to mention that check out the very latest source below.