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Help w/ Outline for Food Science Essay? I need help with writing an outline for my science project paper over food science.

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You might want to narrow down your topic, as food science can encompass a huge amount of information.  Are you interested in nutrition?  Dietary value of foods?  The agricultural processes involved in producing foods?  In order to make a clear, narrowed thesis statement (stating your opinion on the matter in an authoritative manner, i.e. "it is evident that...."), you'll need an idea of what you're setting out to prove in your essay.

Now, as far as the outline goes, you could go with something as simple as the five paragraph essay.  While you don't have to narrow your paper to this popular and somewhat overdone format, the outline can still resemble one used for a five paragraph essay.  For the sake of giving you a decent sample, let's assume you'll write on the role of citrus in food science (sorry, I'm in Florida, so it's all about the oranges!).

I.  Introduction

     State your thesis at the end of the first paragraph

II. History of Citrus farming in the United States

     Maybe include the origins of citrus, and early uses of the fruit?

III. Present citrus technology and usage

     How are oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines currently harvested, and what sorts of techniques (including irrigation, crop rotation, etc.) support the process?

IV.  Future of the citrus industry

     discuss various challenges facing the field, including rising transportation costs?

V.  Conclusion (wrap up and restate your thesis)

Hope this helps!!!


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Food science can be divided in to many catagories. Genetic Engineering was a popular topic among my high school students and contains many updated notions and research. In using the scientific method for for science project, I would expect this to coincide in your paper. Include the following along with any other directives given to you by your science project guidelines.

Introduction and history of food science

A hypothesis if you are doing an experiment

Description of project (Include supplies and equipment)

Explain results,data,graphs

Explain Conclusions (site references from Food and drug Administration)

Explain why you chose this topic and its value

Be sure to include a bibliography with at least 5 good references.


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