Help on release and loving in Jonas's community??Euthanasia is practiced on the very young who do not conform to socitys's needs and on the very old who no longer serve the communtiy. Also those...

Help on release and loving in Jonas's community??

Euthanasia is practiced on the very young who do not conform to socitys's needs and on the very old who no longer serve the communtiy. Also those who error and thearten the socitey are released. What are some advantages to this system and what are some disadvantages?? In jonas's society loving another person is considerd dangersous Why??

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The advantage of doing "releases" is that people who are too much trouble are taken out of the society.  At that point, they stop taking up resources that can be better used on people who will not make trouble for the society.

The major disadvantage, of course, is that this is totally heartless and immoral.  It seems completely wrong to kill someone because they have gotten to be old and no longer can contribute to a community economically.

Loving another person is dangerous because love leads to people being different from one another.  They pair up and they see themselves as "us" as opposed to all those other people who they don't love.  So if there is love, people can't treat one another equally.  So love harms Sameness.

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book "The Giver" the people identify being released as something good.  They do not have memories of compassion or fear of death.  For them euthanasia is not necessarily an immoral thing.  One would have to believe that it is wrong and the people in the community are not capable of having this type of thought.

However, Jonas has been given memories that enable him to identify that releasing a person is killing them.  There is more mention in the book of the elderly who no longer serve society being released and no twins can exist so one is always terminated, and occasionally someone is released if too many problems arise, but mostly the community sees it as a good thing.

Some advantages to the system of release is that there is no over population and competition for resources, no illness that doesn't heal, and no elderly in nursing homes needing care.  There are also no disabilities, but this does not mean that people with disabilities would not have something valuable to offer. 

To love a person in Jonas society one would have to risk having feelings.  Feelings can create conflict.  For example Jonas begins to have strong feelings for Gabriel that could be considered love.  He risks his own safety to take Gabriel with him.  Another concern is that people do not pick their mates.  There is no jealousy or sexual interactions.