HELP PLZ!How has the courtship ritual changed since the 17th century? what are your feelings about what it was like when compared to now?

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In som ways, the book represents changes in courtship rituals. Kit is promised to a man she does not know, to pay her grandfather's debt. That was fairly common in the 17th century. Kit does choose her own husband, and the person she loves. It demonstrates another possible cultural change for the colonies. Or you could say it's just the romanticism of our modern world sneaking in!
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Certainly I think the courtship ritual has changed greatly from the time of this great novel compared to now. Obviously today people are able to choose who they want to love and marry without the interference of their families and society in the same way. Another aspect you might want to think about is that Nat is only able to marry Kit when he shows that he is working hard and has his own prospects. Today, we mostly do not need to have our own job or business set up before getting married.

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