Help please? Thank you very much!Should children under 18 years of age be allowed to drink alcohol in Canada?Do you think there is a need for a national change.? Is this a situation where you think...

Help please? Thank you very much!

Should children under 18 years of age be allowed to drink alcohol in Canada?Do you think there is a need for a national change.? Is this a situation where you think a national law needs to be passed? Please explain your reason if you agree or disagree.

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As a high school English teacher, who is around teenagers for a great part of the day, I think that childrent under 18 years of age are not mature enough to drink.

Studies have shown that adolescents do not think the same way that adults do.  They are not as rational.  Some studies go so far as to say that their brains are not yet fully developed.

I think that drinking at an early age could lead to addiction.  It could also lead adolescents to do such things as drinking and driving.

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I think the issue of a national law might be a very good place to start.  The issue of nationality has a compelling target area.  On one had, there is a case to be made that laws, such as the one to change the drinking age, should be a national decision.  Laws that are implemented nationally show a level of commitment and support to all.  A national law reflects that all members' belief and support of a particular commonwealth or association of states.  It indicates unity where there once was fragmentation.  A national law makes a statement and this is the idea of "togetherness."  Yet, the flip side to this coin is that a national law takes away some level of autonomy or sovereignty.  The current situation regarding the drinking age in Canada is that each province is able to set their own standards for the legal age to consume and purchase alcohol.  Some provinces have it at 19 and some at 18.  In making a national law on one side or the other, the rights of the provinces to establish this is taken away by the federal government.  This helps to vitiate province autonomy and might be a compelling reason to reject such claims.  Certainly, some in the province of Quebec, for example, take this claim of sovereignty and independence quite seriously.  If a federal government passes laws of which provinces are either not in support or have little power to stop, there will result in a natural resentment toward the national government and dissatisfaction and further fragmentation will result, what the concept of the national law was intended to avoid.  The idea of a national law and its implications is critical and in your writing, I think setting up the sides, either for a national law, or against one, in the issue of alcoholic consumption will be a good road to take on this one.

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