Help me write a paragraph.In a paragraph, describe a scene in which a friend and I are participating in sports and at which family members are spectators or viewers.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Writing paragraphs and essays remain within the perimeters of the student; however, we editors will gladly assist in generating ideas for you.

Regarding the assignment to write a paragraph that is descriptive of a scene in which you and a friend participate with family and friends as spectators, you will want to follow the guidelines for composing a descriptive paragraph:

  • Use exact and precise words and phrases that will help the reader "see" what you describe.  For instance, instead of writing the word said, use screeched, screamed, shouted,called etc.
  • Appeal to the senses of the reader with imagery, describing the sounds and sights that the spectators witness.
  • Include some dialogue to make the scene more "real."
  • Creat an impression that the reader will take away from reading your paragraph.

Of course, you will want to revise your paragraph after it is written since this is the most important part of the writing process.  When you do so, check that you have written a topic sentence that is relevant to the rest of the paragraph, remove any irrelevant sentences, check for transitions, sentence variety, and all the grammatical errors.  Be sure that you have a reworded topic sentence as your closing to the paragraph with a "clincher"--some relevant idea that extends from your scene.

For further assistance see the link below on how to write a perfect paragraph.  Be creative and have fun with this assignment!

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm afraid this is one essay which you will have to rely on your own memory for information. Only you can tell a story about an event which has happened to you. Assuming that you have played some sport, just choose an example that fits the assignment. It doesn't matter if you have not played competively; it can be something as simple as throwing a frisbee or swimming in a pool. It may not be a highlight of your life--just describe the events and, hopefully, you can find a pertinent aspect on which to focus. Good luck.

teacherashlie | Student

Without knowing more about the topic, I would advise:

  • Start with a hook, like some exciting dialogue; something coach yells, the referee says, the crowd roars.
  • Describe the scene from all three points of view: yours, your friend's, and your family members'.  This will make your paragraph long, interesting, and thorough.