What supports can be used to address how the conditions in Europe after World War I made World War II inevitable?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you are probably going to focus a bit on the supports needed here.  This will involve a couple of areas upon which to focus.  I think that spending some time discussing the Treaty of Versailles might be a good starting point in that all nations in Europe were impacted by the end of the war and the treaty that sought to end World War I.  You might want to spend some time on how Germany was treated as a result of this treaty and how that helped to set the stage for World War II in terms of increasing German resentment.  Additionally, I think that you might also want to spend some time examining how democracies were crippled in their ability to effectively deal with the cost and fall out from World War I.  It would help tremendously for you to discuss how individuals felt a certain amount of disenchantment with the perceived failures of liberal democracies or the Status Quo in European nations following the hollowing out of World War I.  This is the reason why fascism was embraced in nations like Germany and Italy and why Communism was embraced in Russia.  In the end, being able to examine these particular supports will help bolster the essay.