Help me with an essay on the topic of how social work a necessary evil.Help me with an essay on the topic of how social work a necessary evil.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one of the most difficult problems you will have in the essay is that it is going to be hard to prove the thesis true.  Social work might be difficult to see as a "necessary evil" because there is little evil present.  Certainly, those who benefit from social work are not gaining millions of dollars in profit and consolidating power in society to serve their own interests.  Those who need social work require it to deal with set of challenges that they think are impeding their own sense of progress and happiness.  This cannot be seen as a form of a "necessary evil."  There is little evil present.  The individuals who provide social work to those who are in need cannot be seen as a "necessary evil" because they are doing a selfless act.  Social workers are not in the top three of money making professions.  They do not sign million dollar bonuses nor do they hire agents to negotiate contracts of pure wealth.  Social workers are not the power brokers in our society and do not enter the profession with much in way of political gain.  The social worker provides a valuable service to those who are in need, often putting their own psychological well- being in a precarious position and, sometimes, endangering their own physical well- being.  For the most part, they do this so that those who are suffering can find some level of peace and contentment in their own lives.  The essay is going to be difficult to write because neither the social worker or the individual who receives social work are engaging in practices that would be seen as a "necessary evil."  I think that this might be where the essay will run into a bit of trouble and where some recalibration will be needed.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I don't think social work is evil, per se. I think I'd word it differently. Some people disagree with social work. They think the needy should fend for themselves. However, in that case you should argue that the poor need basic food and shelter because it is a human right, or you could argue that they will end up costing more in the long run otherwise.
kevinmayer037 | Student

Possible ways that practice could shape the theory: It guides perceived need for research/program evaluation which in turn produces theory. It's where social work research is frequently conducted. Relationships between social work researchers and social workers in practice could bias the researcher. Arguably good research, which would ideally lead to good theory, is an integral part of social work practice as evidence-based practice.

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