Help Me Please Q: Arrange the following organs of respiratory system in proper sequence through which air passes during inhalation- Lungs- Nasal Cavity - Nostril - Trachea

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The answer for this specific question is

Nostril(s) - Nasal Cavity(ies) - Trachea - Lungs.

But let's describe briefly what they are and what is skipped in this list.

There are two nostrils in a nose, they are the holes that air enters into. Each of them is followed by nasal cavity (two of them) which warms and humidifies air.

They converge into pharynx, then air enters larynx and then trachea, or windpipe. Trachea diverges onto two bronchi that deliver air into two lungs.

Trachea and bronchi filter the air. Lungs take oxygen from the air and give back carbon dioxide.