I need a seven sentence plot summary of The Diary of Anne Frank.

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In a brief summary from which you can derive your needed sentences, the play The Diary of Anne Frank dramatizes the true story of the confinement from 1942 till 1944 of Anne Frank, her family and the Van Daans as they hide from the Nazis invasion of Holland, which results in the imprisonment and virtual extermination of Jews living in Holland. The play is framed in Mr. Frank's return to Holland and the room that they hid in, where he is forced to accept Anne's diary of those two years and begins amidst his tears to read it aloud. Her diary isn't an historical record of an invasion and war but a social record of a personal experience with strangers living in hiding under strict rules of quietude in a secret upstairs room above a place of work with employees who must never know of the occupants overhead.

Anne tells about strangers with very different world views and values trying to get along and get to know and understand each other; she tells of an eventual friendship that springs up after a year with the Van Daan boy, a student from her school, who shares the hiding place. Finally she tells of the day that the Nazis batter their way into the building and make their loud and destructive way up to where the families had been so quiet for two years. The play returns to its frame story to see Mr. Frank close the diary and learn that it was a thief who broke into the building one night who heard the people upstairs and turned them in to the Nazis. Mr. Frank tells Mr. Kraler that all the others died in concentration camps but that Anne had been happy in the fresh air at Bergen-Belsen, which is where she died.

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