Could you help me find elements of Romanticism in "Tintern Abbey" and "The Tables Turned" by Wordsworth?

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In both poems, Wordsworth's Romanticist tendencies are intensely displayed.  For "Tintern Abbey," the mere title about the poem being composed adjacent to the Wye River reflects the love of nature.  The reverence for nature is a theme of Romanticism.  Additionally, the premise of the poem is a meditation on how time has passed since his last visit to the area and how he has changed.  This is another theme of Romanticism in the idea of using emotions as a way to measure change and maturation within an individual.  In the poem, "The Tables Turned ," the opening lines of the speaker to deride the formalizes structure of education helps to enhance the Romantic theme of non-conformity.  The premise of this poem is to enhance the individualized and unique aspects to education of the soul, as opposed to merely the mind.  The...

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