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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Frost's poem helps to allow the reader to see a divergent road in a completely different manner.  Frost uses the technique of defamilarization to create an innovative manner to view a fork in the road.  A common path in the forest or deep woods is seen as symbolic of human choice and action.  This technique helps to configure the internal sensation and dilemma of freedom from a purely subjective experience to one that can be revealed through objective reality.  Something that remains inside the psyche of an individual, the agonizing decision of how to choose between equally compelling, but ultimately incompatible courses of action, is now manifested through the natural setting of two roads diverging in a forest.  The effect it achieves is to physically force both the speaker and the reader to understand that the agony inherent within choosing between incommensurate courses of action can only be resolved when one commits to a decision and understands it as one that "has made all the difference."

kimfuji eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Frost uses defamiliarization when he compares a path in the woods to a human beings life.He makes the reader look at a path in the woods that is covered with grass and is unused in a new way. Now when we enter the woods and see a fork in the path, we think of Frost's poem; and then we realise that the decions we make in our lives have a serious consequesnce. or example, if we choose one major in college over another there is a direct consequence of that action. In another way, if we choose to major in a liberal arts field or an unpopular field of study there will be consequesnce. Those consequences are not only financial but express themselves in how we live our lives.

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