help me about doing an introduction and related literature about turmeric for my research study..

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I see where you are coming from that request. Doing a research for a specific plant will have several process in order to come up a very nice project. First you should have a defined proposal for turmeric. What I mean is that, how would you use turmeric in you experimentation. Do you intend to discover a new form of medicine out of it or you want to make a general study of the plant? Let me give you an example of outline.

If (for example) you want to make a study regarding the effectiveness of turmeric in lowering the blood sugar of diabetic patients, you have to have a set of related studies on it. Look for the general definition of turmeric. Then search for diabetes, how it occurs and how to cure or prevent it. Then Look for researches that had been established around the world that will support the statement. It may be a clinical paper or a research paper of turmeric or diabetes. Choose the researches that are similar or closely similar to your study. 

Writing the introduction should focus on your aim for the study that you will do. Be sure that it is precise and will catch the attention of the readers.

Hope this helps. 



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