What are potential Senate Hearing Questions that probe into the nature of the Social Gospel Movement?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I had to pare the original question down a bit, but I strongly encourage you to ask more questions regarding the other concepts in the original question.  This is a great assignment.  If you were asking questions of members of the Social Gospel Movement, I would ask something related to how the religious goals of the movement can be blended into a secular setting.  I think that the Social Gospel Movement is certainly powerful because of its religious roots, but its basic premise is clearly democratic, appealing to a secular aim of the Constitutional goal of "forming a more perfect union."  I think that being able to bring this out in the form of questions and answers offered by members of the movement would be important.  It might also be important to bring out how the goals of the movement can be reconciled with a secular setting because of how history is going to treat the movement.  The disillusionment in the movement is something that hits it hard following the horrors of World War I.  In bringing out how this form of "secular humanism" is evident in the movement, I think that your line of questioning might help to bring out some of its democratic aims that can transcend the horrors of war.  The brutality evident in war might blunt some of the religious belief, but it does not minimize the democratic commitment to "forming a more perfect union."  Rather, it strengthens it.  I would pose questions along these lines towards the individuals of the Social Gospel movement, in the hopes of bringing out its overall aim to provide some level of relief and improvement for all members who are silenced in a society.