Help Identifying Oedpial Themes in Salvador Dali's WorkCan anyone tell me 2 more Salvador Dali paintings with a good amount of symbolism?I've already chosen 'The Lugubrious Game', 'The Great...

Help Identifying Oedpial Themes in Salvador Dali's Work

Can anyone tell me 2 more Salvador Dali paintings with a good amount of symbolism?

I've already chosen 'The Lugubrious Game', 'The Great Masturbator' & 'The Buring Giraffe', so one or two more along these lines would be great.

I would prefer ones which include the themes of sex/oedipus/childhood or anything referring to Freud? Thanks so much. :)

Expert Answers
susanr2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What about Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening. The elephants have long, multijointed, spindly legs.  They are carrying obelisks on their backs, which are a strong phallic symbol. Their brittle legs contrast with their attempt to hold up these these heavy objects.  Thus creating tension between weightlessness and structure.  Secondly,  The Metamorphosis of Narcissus. Various animals appear throughout: ants point to death, decay, and sexual desire; the snail is connected to the human head and here is your freud connection--(he saw a snail on a bicycle outside Freud's house when he first met Sigmund Freud); and locusts are a symbol of waste and fear.

loveart eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. "Unsatisfied Desires", 1928, Oil on cardboard. Was considered too offensive to show publicly at the time.

 2. "The Enigma of Desire: My Mother, My Mother, My Mother". 1929, Oil on Panel.  Images include rocks, insects, shells and holes. This painting is believed to symbolize his complex relationship to his mother, possibly sexually repressed urges.

3. "The Birth of Liquid Desires" , 1932, Oil On Canvas. A man stands at the entrance to a cave.  Obvious Fruedian symbolism here, not subtle.

linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Is there a Salvadore Dali painting that doesn't have a good amount of symbolism?

One painting you should look at is his "Oedipus Complex." You can see a photo of it at this web site:

Another painting you'll want to consider is "Meditation on the Harp"


accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have to agree with #4 - you are a bit spoiled for choice when it comes to symbolism and Salvadore Dali! I add my recommendation to "Oedipus Complex", which is an excellent picture and would appear to fit in well with your topic. Of course, Dali is also famous for a huge range of pictures that are sexual in content that would also be worth looking into.