How do reading practices help us to understand texts and genres?Its like an essay I have to do... And I have absolutely no idea... [ASAP??]

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Reading from a variety of genres will teach the reader the forms particular genres take. It is imperative to read from a wide variety of literature to really understand literature at its best. Those who read for enjoymnet can find fulfillment in a wide variety of literature. Those who read for analytical purposes will strenthen analytical skills when reading a wide variety of texts. The best way to understand a text is to compare it to another text. What is missing in one text will be apparent in another text. 

To understand genre, one must read a wide variety of genres. It is important to compare genres when dissecting the elements that make up a genre. Fictional genres can only be declared fiction when parallel reading of a nonfiction genre occurs. Reading is the execise of the mind. It is done best by a wide variety of exercises. One genre is as one weight. The more you read, the more you strenthen your mind.

Reading practices are mind exercises. Reading for pleasure or another purpose is a mind strenthening experience. One cannot understand genre until one is totally absorbed in a wide variety of genres. It can be compared to learning one's colors. Green is only green when compared to a mixture of blue and yellow. A genre is only a genre when compared to mixture of other genres.

Another comparison is to compare reading to bathing. One genre is as a drop of water in the bathtub. Reading from a wide variety of texts and genres is to fill the bathtub up completely.