I have to read "Eagle of The Ninth" in two days. Can someone give me a chapter by chapter summary?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There isn't enough room to give you a chapter by chapter summary of this book. There are 21 chapters, however the actual adventure begins around chapter 11.  Up to that point it is mostly background information. This book begins with a description of a military regiment marching on a British road.  It then describes the main character Centurion Marcus Flavius Aquila.  The author tells the reader of the history of Marcus.  Aquila is a Cohort Commander in the Roman Auxiliaries, and when his formal military service is cut short by a severe wound received during a British uprising.  Discharged, Marcus feels without a  purpose until a chance set of circumstances provides him with new inspiration. He decides to attempt to recover the lost Eagle of the Ninth Hispana. The Ninth Hispana vanished beyond Hadrian's Wall in A.D. 119, seemingly in fulfillment of Boudicca's curse. The Ninth Hispana put down her revolt in A.D. 60. Marcus' father was a centurion in the Ninth, and this mission is an opportunity to regain his father's honor by recovering the lost eagle, the legion's standard. In the process, he becomes more mature and finds his place in the world.

mctamashiro | Student

the first few Marcus visits his Uncle and buys a slave, then decides to go find the eagle and on the way he learns of his father`s destiny.