What would be a good lead for a newspaper article that details Brady's arrival in Hillsboro in Inherit The Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee?

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There are many different approaches to take with an item like this.  You want a quick hitting headline that captures the essence of the event in the drama.  One such headline could be "Brady arrives to fanfare."  This helps to convey how Brady's arrival in Hillsboro was greeted with absolute fawning and anticipation.  Another one could be "Brady arrives to huge crowds- Made honorary Colonel."  This conveys the same idea, but adds in to the honorary distinction that the townspeople made for Brady.  If you were looking for a more critical headline, one that scrutinized the reason for his arrival, something lie, "Brady in town for Monkey Trial" would be one headline that details his reason for being in the town.  Another headline that moves into the more critical examination would be "God, town welcomes Matt Brady."  This would reflect how the townspeople have been taken in with the fundamentalist expression of religion and how this has manifested itself with the presence of Brady.  I think that there are different approaches that can be taken with this headline task, but the key element would be to ensure that your headline is representative of what you are going to discuss in the course of the article.


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