Help Finding Name of a Short Story about a "Secret Society"The story was about a secret society that dedicated itself to wishing harm on others. It begins with a representative of the society...

Help Finding Name of a Short Story about a "Secret Society"

The story was about a secret society that dedicated itself to wishing harm on others. It begins with a representative of the society calling on a potential customer and explaining how they work: thousands of members concentrate on wishing misfortunes on someone specific, one of the clauses is that the person must know that thousands of people are hoping something bad hapens to him/her. The customer, who remembers his life long sworn enemy, is skeptical, but the representative offers statistics, hard facts until the customer (and the readers) is convinced that this is the best revenge ever. But when he says that he wants to hire their services against his enemy, the representatives says that it´s too late, that his enemy has already hired them and that the society has already begun to wish him harm.

If anyone can help me I promise I will wish him joy and happiness and success and good health and material riches, as well as unlimited affection by family members and stranger alike.


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lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Have you checked Stephen King for this? He has a couple of short story anthologies, and it sounds like him. Possibly Harlan Ellison....?

verobellver | Student

Yes, it´s definitely a Stephen King type of story. I did a word search on the web using key words, but nothing came up. (Which doesn´t mean he didn´t write it, just that I couldn´t find it.) The problem is he´s written so many stories that I´m afraid it´s easy to pass by.

I also checked Arthur C. Clarke and nothing and Harlan Ellison is an excellent sugestion, so I¨ll look into it.

Thanks a lot.


bonniejo | Student

What a wonderful idea for a story. It's funny because it does sound familiar but i'm afraid i can be of no help

brayemerick1 | Student

Here is a list of some of Bradbury's short stories. I have read a few of his short stories and his novel Fahrenheit 451. He is an amazing author. I will continue to check out each of these short stories to see if any match your summary. Since you know more about the short story, though, I bet you'll find the title before me. If you go to the webiste given, it has a complete list. Good luck!

Dark Carnival. Sauk City, Wisconsin, Arkham House, 1947; abridged edition, London, Hamish Hamilton, 1948; abridged edition, as The Small Assassin, London, New English Library, 1962.

The Martian Chronicles. New York, Doubleday, 1950; as The Silver Locusts, London, Hart Davis, 1951.

The Illustrated Man. New York, Doubleday, 1951; London, HartDavis, 1952; New York, Avon Books, 1997.

The Golden Apples of the Sun. New York, Doubleday, and London, Hart Davis, 1953.

verobellver | Student

Thanks so much, but I´ve already checked Bradbury out and it appears he didn´t write it. Maybe I read it in an anthology that also had stories by Bradubury or maybe I just assumed it was his because it sounded like his type of story.

I´ve looked everywhere and I¨m really beggining to believe I dreamt it.

Thanks a lot anyways. I still wish you joy and happiness.