I need help with a closing conclusion on 1984??The entire essay is on Winston's internal and external conflict with himself. I can't think of anything good enough to close.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would pay special attention to the ending of the novel after Winston has been re-educated.  There is a resolution to the internal and external conflict that Winston has had with the power structure of Oceania.  It is resolved in the end of the novel.  Yet, this becomes the terrifying part.  Winston's resistance against the Party and Big Brother has become withered.  Julia and he betrayed one another, Winston is completely alienated from his surroundings, and he understands that resistance is futile as he approaches what it means to "love Big Brother."  I think that an interesting ending to any work about the internal and external conflict might focus on the sheer terror of silencing the voices of dissent.  On one hand, the voices of dissent seek to be heard and while the authority structure might not appreciate these voices' shrill and dissonance, they help to keep individuals in a position to question their government.  The terror of the ending is the recognition of how life is when these voices are slienced.  In the end, Winston drinks his gin, Oceania wins, and he knows he is going to be eliminated.  This becomes the real horror of the novel.  This becomes the real terror.  The supposed resolution of internal and external conflict becomes something that is to be feared and avoided at all costs.  This might be an interesting conclusion with which to play.