In The Help by Stockett, what event is considered the turning point in the story that caused some kind of change?

Expert Answers
teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Help, the event that caused the most amount of change is the publishing of Skeeter's book Help.  People are shocked by the content of the book, and the book moves from distribution in small local shops to a broader audience.  Eventually, people in Jackson begin to suspect that the book is about their town, and this gets people flustered.  Employers handle this suspicion in very different ways:  some immediately fire their maids, while others treat them with extra kindness.  Skeeter's friends dissociate themselves from her, and all remain on the alert.  But the turning point of the novel occurs when Hilly recognizes a crucial detail in the book that identifies Skeeter as the author and the local maids as the participants--the scratch on Elizabeth's table.  Hilly has much to lose by admitting that the book is about Jackson because the details in the book about her are damaging; however, she still has much influence and convinces Elizabeth to fire Aibileen.  Skeeter leaves town for a new job, and Aibileen takes over the newpaper column, hoping that writing will give her a new start in life.