Which people are spared God's wrath and what can other do to save themselves in "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"?

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The whole sermon by Jonathan Edwards is directed for the non-believers in the congregation. Edwards desires to use fear to persuasively motivate those who happen to be listening to the sermon to repent of their sins and accept Christ as Savior.  During the sermon you will see many references to God's wrath (God's hand as floodgate, Spider being dangled over fire, etc..).  In each of these examples Edwards reminds the listener/reader that the only people that are spared God's wrath are the ones God chooses to spare.  At any time he can choose to unleash his venegence because man has no power to stop him because man is weak compared to God.  Ultimately, Edwards is directing this message to unbelievers (unsaved) so they are truly the only ones who must fear God's wrath and have any need to be spared from this wrath.