What are three related texts to Inner Journeys? One a poem/song, one an image/cartoon, and one a magazine/newspaper article?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The three artifacts that you will find below regarding inner journeys speak of the value of looking within.

You can select so many elements that represent the inner journey.  What is here is only a sample of so much more. True to the idea of a journey, the voyage is where real insight lies.

Magazine- "Leadership Begins with an Inner Journey"- This article from a journal takes the principle of the inner journey and applies it to a business setting.  In order for leaders to be recognized as such, the article suggests that they have to undertake an "inner journey."  This journey delves into their own ideas and beliefs.  The article concludes that if business leaders want to lead, they have to be able to speak about "the journey."  This journey is internal because leadership involves being in touch with their own values: 

Becoming a leader is a process of internal self-discovery. In order for me to become a leader and become an even better leader, it’s important that I first define my values and principles. If I don’t know what my own values are and determine expectations for myself, how can I set expectations for others? How will I convey confidence, strong will, and empathy? Without looking within myself, it’s not possible for me to look at others and recognize their potential and help others become leaders.

Business leadership is about being able to communicate leaders' own values and expectations to others. In order for this to be done effectively, an inner journey must be taken.

Cartoon- I liked this cartoon which addresses the difference between journey and destination. Sometimes, people tend to focus on the latter. It is the destination that is important. Getting "there," wherever that is, is critical. However, there is another lane in the cartoon where it's about the journey. This cartoon speaks about how we choose what "lane" we are in. The inner journey element can be found in assessing our choices. Why we choose what we choose is a voyage into our own self. Being able to figure out  in "which lane" we live our lives  represents an inner journey worth undertaking.

Song- "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell is a work of art that speaks about the inner journey. The song is about how people change over time. It triggers a reflective capacity regarding maturation. The concepts in the song speak to the inner journey. To understand the role of clouds and love in one's life requires an inner journey. The article speaks about this on a personalized level. This serves as testament to the value of the inner journey in the song.

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