hello what can be some scenarios where Hassan shows his bravery? Thanks for all your help

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Hassan is one of the main characters of the story 'the Kite Runner' by Khalid Hossaini. He displays exemplary behaviour in saving Amir from all types of problems.

The first, and arguably, the most important, is when they face the local bully and this thugs. But Hassan, unlike Amir, is a selfless and joy-filled creature. As Amir says, "Hassan never denied me anything," and we watch Hassan again and again think of others before himself (2.2). Hassan covers for Amir when they get in trouble. He defends Amir when the neighborhood bullies threaten them. The boy also serves Amir and Baba with the thoughtless goodwill of a saint.

Hassan gets even more saintly. When Amir betrays Hassan in the alleyway, Hassan looks up with resignation. Amir describes his expression as "[t]he look of the lamb" (7.133). Hassan's ability to suffer without becoming bitter really separates Amir and Hassan. Even years later, after being driven out of the house by Amir and losing his father to a land mine, Hassan writes letters to Amir filled with warmth and nostalgia for their time in Kabul. Somehow, Hassan never thinks to hold a grudge against Amir. It's unthinkable – it's simply not part of the makeup of this character.

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its from the book kite runner

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