Hello! my question is , knowing much more about using and meaning of these words "produce","production","product" as some nouns.    Thank you!

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

All these terms, as you correctly state, are nouns.

They are

produce: As a noun, a "produce" is a foodstuff gathered from a harvest, crops,  or any other form of food manufacturing. Other synonyms may include "food", or "yield." It is the end result of a production, a harvest, or a crop.

In a sentence you can say: 

  • The supermarket has a produce section that sells fresh vegetables.
  • Look in the produce section for organic greens.

production: A production is a creation, a construction, an invention, or a fabrication. It is something someone puts together for an end result. It is the end result of a creative process.


  • The latest science fiction movie is a productionby Steven Spielgberg.
  • This production is sponsored by the American Medical Association.

Your last noun is product:

A product is also the end result of a production, or process, but it is semantically associated with items that are manufactured for specific purposes. A product can also be the end result of a multiplication equation. However, in terms of items, similar terms to "product" include: an artifact, an item, an object, a produce (like from before), or an invention, an outcome, a creation, and an end result.

In a sentence:

Cheese and ice cream are products of milk.

The clothing industry manufactures a myriad of new and innovative products for fashionistas.

I hope this helps.

Always remember to use the thesaurus for help with terms that you cannot connect.