Hello, for my english assessment I have to write a gap in the text the crucible but I don't know what the best scene would be, any ideas?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to effectively insert a gap in the action, a type of break where presumably other elements can be introduced, one has to find a location in the drama where time passes.  The gap can be inserted at such a point.  Interestingly enough, Miller himself had inserted a gap between the end of Act II and the start of Act III.  This gap featured Proctor meeting up with Abigail late at night, as a last opportunity for both to confront one another before their inevitable confrontation in the trial.  It is interesting to see this as a potential point where a gap can be inserted. Both still display their emotional ferocity, but it is one in which there is a calm before the storm of the trial hits both.  

This same approach can be used with inserting a gap between Act III and Act IV.  A gap can be inserted at this point through another meeting between Proctor and Abigail.  It would be interesting to insert a gap where both meet now that both have endured the impact of a trial.  Proctor is in jail.  Abigail must flee. Both could interact with one another one last time, the result of both lives being changed by the trials.  This might be a location in which a gap could be inserted because it would represent a highly charged and emotional moment before the further emotional ignition of the final act is to take place.