Hello, I'm looking for a topic for a documentary project, but I didn't come up with anything good.    Any idea will work! Thanks in advice!!

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Let’s begin by defining what a “documentary project” is.  A documentary is a nonfiction research product in which a researcher gathers facts into a coherent, organized presentation designed to clarify a topic for its readership or audience.  So the first step for a student is to examine your interests and areas of expertise, since you will be dealing with the topic in depth for a considerable length of time.  You might want to list the documentaries that have impressed or influenced you in the past – perhaps on a science TV channel or in a book on a documentary subject.  Next, look at your sources of information; do you have any special access to information, beyond mere googling.  For example, you might have access to a museum or art collection because of some special connection with a staff member.  Finally, choose a topic that works well with the medium your final product will assume: for example, if you choose music as your topic, it works well if your project presentation is a recording, but if it is visual, an art or photography topic may work better.  If your final presentation is a written essay or speech, you might want to choose a language or literature project.  So, to sum up, first, think of a topic that will hold your interest for a long time; second, choose a topic that allows you to make use of otherwise inaccessible sources; finally, select a topic that is compatible with the mode of final presentation.

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