I'm having a hard time studying anatomy. Can someone give me some study tips for memorization and analyzation please?

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I highly recommend making flashcards, especially for the memorization aspect of it.  If you are studying to be able to identify or label physical features of the human body like different systems, I suggest making some extra copies of the various diagrams and pictures that must be memorized and then cutting up the diagram into sections that would fit onto the back of a flash card.  Then you can label the elements which must be memorized on the diagram and write the correct answer on the other side of the notecard. 

If you have a smart phone, there are some really good flashcard apps that you could use to make flashcards on your phone.  There are also websites for making online flashcards, and sometimes people post flashcards that they have already made and want to share like these muscle name flashcards.

The great thing about making flashcards is that the process of creating them is just as powerful for helping your memorization as when you actually quiz yourself with them.

Wiggin42 | Student

My classmate did the science olympiad event called Anatomy. She kept a big binder full of handouts and illustrations. On one side, the body would be labeled. On the other side, it wouldn't be labeled. She'd use this to quiz herself throughout the day. She also made picture flashcards. 

eli468 | Student

Flashcards would be great to learn anatomical terms and vocabulary.

Printing off diagrams and studying them would work really well too.

Another effective way to study anatomy is to use games or study with a partner. For example, if you are learning which quadrant certain organs are in you can study with a friend where they will tell you a certain organ and you have to point out which quadrant on your body it would be in. This can help you to remember because it's visual and more memorable.

Some great websites to study anatomy are linked below.

chrisyhsun | Student

For memorization, flash cards are definitely a very popular study tool. Nowadays, you can find flashcard makers online or through your phone so that you can study anytime, anywhere - on the bus, in some sort of waiting room, etc. I would hesitate on suggesting flashcards already made by other people. They might not cover the same things to the same level depth as what you need. Also, making the flashcards yourself will help you run through the information again, again helping your memory. Of course, with that logic, writing the cards by hand will provide an additional layer of memory help too.

Another tool that can help with memorization is acronyms. These can be already-established acronyms that your teacher has mentioned in class. These can be inside jokes with your group of study buddies. These can even be random, ridiculous ones that you think "will never stick" but someone swoops in to save the day during the test. Even if you don't normally use acronyms, I suggest at least thinking or playing around with them just so the terms get a bit more time in your mind.

zumba96 | Student

Flashcards would be a great help and can help you easily memorize terms. You could probably even find apps in the store that is based on anatomy.