My Brilliant Friend Questions and Answers
by Elena Ferrante

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Hello, I have to write a final essay about My Brilliant Friend (Elena Ferrante) I need help with a good thesis and topics for my paragraphs. This is what I should write about: How does Ferrante develop the theme of happiness throughout the novel? Please help!

To successfully write an essay about the theme of happiness in Ferrante’s novel, you should first establish how the characters define happiness. Then, you could develop supporting paragraphs that consider how the actions and thoughts of one or two of the characters reflect this definition.

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In order to write an essay about how Ferrante develops the theme of happiness throughout My Brilliant Friend , you will first need to define “happiness.” You could start by thinking about how the novel’s various characters conceive of happiness and how their ideas about happiness may or may not change over the course of the novel. For instance, you will recall that, early on in the novel, Elena and Lila equate happiness with wealth. As Elena explains, “in that last year of elementary school, wealth became our obsession. We talked about it the way characters in novels talk about searching for treasure. We said, when we’re rich we’ll do this, we’ll do...

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