Weird Women, Wired Women Questions and Answers
by Kit Reed

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Hello, I have a Capstone theme essay to write and I have chosen these two texts as my primary sources. Now I am asked to find two secondary sources such as database articles that are related to the same theme as these two texts. As my main theme, I have chosen human behavior and perfection. Can you please help me find two database articles that are related to this theme?

I have included three articles that may be useful for your project and a description of how you can search for others.

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I like to start searching for articles using Google Scholar. When searching in google scholar you can type in keywords and connect them with the + symbol. For example, "human behavior + perfection". One issue with Google Scholar is that not all of the articles listed will be free to read. Check with your school's library to see if you have access to any online databases through them. If not, you can keep searching for free articles.

When searching for database articles it is important to consider when and where they were published. Using older articles is perfectly fine, but it's always good to also include something more recent. This demonstrates that what you're citing is still relevant...

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