Hello i have some question in the Arthur Miller's book - All my sons my question is about act 3 -What Changes comes over Ann, Kate, and Chirs?

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Each one of thr character had certain illusions at the begining of the play and towards the end of it.

For example, Chris has certain illusion; he went through tow phrases:

The first one was when he learned that his father is guility; the he lost his illusion towards his father being the perfect man and towards the society which justifies crime.

After that, we saw him unable to act or to do anything but he read Larry'sletter which is the second phases; he retuned to the old Chris whois able to act; he is now able to askhim to go to jail.

Now,the mother also had certain ilusion; she thought Larry is alive; he is just missing and that even Ann is still waiting for him.

of course,when Kate was convinced that Larry is dead, she immediately and surprisingly turned into a strong character; someone who was not easily broken by harsh reality.she is realy considering the wellbeing of her family inthe future.

Ann perhaps the only charctare who did not have an illusion

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