Hello, I have a paper I must write for a University History class that is called, "19th Century Europe". I need some help coming up with a strong thesis statement, one which I'll be able to research without trouble. I was thinking about the Industrial Revolution era (1750-1850), but I just cannot come up with a strong thesis statement. Thank you in advance for the help, and suggestions.

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Since the Industrial Revolution takes place a bit before the nineteenth century, may I steer you in another direction?  I think you would do much better by looking at a single event, such as the Napoleonic Wars or the Congress of Vienna.  The first thing I would do is some rudimentary research--both of these events should feature prominently in your textbook and there will probably be some reliable information on the Internet as well.  I'd make sure to check this site as well.  The next thing I would do is to try to figure out how the event changed Europe.  Look at political boundaries and forms of government before  the event and after the event.  Then, in your own words, describe how your event helped to facilitate the change.  For example, you could say that the Napoleonic Wars redrew the boundaries of Europe and helped to create a system that prevented another major European war for one hundred years.  You could also look at what each side wanted and received from the Congress of Vienna.  I am enclosing a link pertaining to the Congress of Vienna to get you started.  


Of course, if you are intent on looking at the Industrial Revolution, I would pick one country, such as Britain, and look at how the Industrial Revolution changed the way people worked or how it affected the British countryside.  For your paper, I think my first suggestion of looking at military and diplomatic history would be better for you in terms of material and ease in creating a thesis statement.  

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