How do I write an essay about an observation?

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jessarm6 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What a creative assignment! Sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down the focus when you have such a broad range of topics to choose from.  Here are some possible ideas. 

You could experience shopping and interacting with the associates at the store, and then observe how other people interact and treat the associates. Another idea would be to observe birds at a birdfeeder. Discuss the differences and similarities of how they eat compared to how humans eat.  You could also observe how people walk across an intersection, are they on their cell phones, what age of people are on their cell phones, how does that affect their interaction with others.  Or you could observe other people driving, if you are a driver, or riding in their car. Then discuss whether people are talking in their cars, using technology, driving alone, etc. 

To write 200 words first start with your experience. then look over the notes that you have and look for common themes, group similar ideas, experiences and reactions together. First draft your writing without worrying about the amount of words. I always find it easier to draft my writing without limitations just to get my ideas written. Once you have your ideas down then you can go back and edit it for the appropriate amount that you need. 

 Good luck! 

lucario | Student

I feel just use a lot of adjectives