Hello.  I dont know how to change this formula to find the original one (y = mx+b).I have to find the slope and the y-intercept. I do not want you to give the answer, I need help to be able to do that on my own. I also have to trace the line after... that should be ok! Thank you!

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Solve: `-6y - x - 18 = 0`   for y.

In order to solve for y we most move everything to the right of the equal sign.  We do this by "undoing" the operation.

First, add 18 to both sides.  When we do this, (-18 + 18) on left will make 0.  This gives:

`-6y - x = 18` Next we will add x to both sides to "undo" the minus x.  Just like the 18 on previous step.  This gives:

`-6y = x + 18` Finally, we will divide all terms by -6, as -6/-6 will make just 1y.  This gives:

`(-6y)/-6 = x/-6 + 18/(-6)`

``Simplify everything to give:

`y = -1/6x - 3`

Now that it is written as y = mx + b we can identify slope and y-intercept.

m - slope = `-1/6`

b - y-intercept = `-3`

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