I need an explanation for this poem:  ''The Road Not Taken,'' with a resource.From a book, magazine, news, or whatever.

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For sources concerning Frost's "The Road Not Taken," you can see the page on enotes that I will leave as a reference below.  That article is a source itself, and it includes a list of books which you can also use.

The poem, in short, features a speaker who chooses to take one road when he is out walking instead of another, even though both roads are about the same.  The speaker muses that one day in the distant future he will pretend to others that the road he took was the less-traveled road, making him a person who takes his own road, not the road of the majority. 

The physical road, of course, is symbolic of the road of life.  The speaker doesn't take the unpopular or less-traveled road, but he contemplates how he will turn this situation into an analogy later in life. 

The poem is not a moralistic statement about individuality as some mistakenly interpret it.  It may be about creating meaning or may just be a lighthearted look at rewriting one's personal history, or indecisiveness and regrets.

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