Incident at Hawk's Hill

by Allan W. Eckert

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Hello! In the book Incident at Hawk's Hill... is there a simile? If so where? Thanks

Expert Answers

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There are a number of similes in the book.  On the first page of Chapter 2, "rocks were in a jumbled if dropped in a heap from some giant hand".  Two pages later, in describing the badger, the author says, "she a little bear", and on the last page of Chapter 6, he says she "look(ed) like some fuzzy, well-stuffed cushion".  On the second page of Chapter 4, the baby badgers are described as being "as blind as the day they were born".  And right in the middle of Chapter 8, there is a great simile that tells how Ben "stepped into another the little girl in the story his mother had read to him".

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