What could be a research topic about media and politics? 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think one interesting research topic can be how the news media is becoming increasingly polarized in the hopes of attracting viewers. A research topic could be focused on how the media no longer seems interested in providing a domain free from partisanship.  Rather, the media is more invested in the idea of tapping into political leanings that are heavily indoctrinated in a particular political frame of reference.  In recent studies, political polarization in discourse is reflected in the media.  Specific channels recognize the value in tailoring their programing to a specific political demographic.  For example, it was established that 47% of self- identified "consistent conservatives" received their news from the Fox News Network. The idea that media could influence political affiliation could make for a very interesting research topic.  

As consumers are able to get news from different outlets, news outlets are tailoring their information to particular audiences.  This polarization reflects the same type of division evident in the political sphere. The political polarization that is being experienced in government can be seen in the media.  I think that this is an interesting research topic for several reasons.  The first is that it reflects the current condition of political discourse, one that is fragmented and polarized.  Another reason why this is interesting is because it is a topic that speaks to how people can be manipulated by the media. The line between politics and media become blurred in such a setting. This is where such a topic could prove to be highly interesting and one with much in way of research capacity.  As the nation is becoming more politically partisan, more people are studying the issue. This makes the topic not only interesting, but one where there is an abundance of research.